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Yeast Infection No More™ - Pay Per Click Ads

Pay-per-click search engines are a definitive method to generate instant-targeted traffic to any webpage. The process goes like this: You bid on certain “keywords” each with its specific cost per click. Whenever a customer uses any of your keywords to perform a search in Google (for example), sees your ad and clicks on it, you pay the “cost-per-click”.

For example, you might bid on the word “acid reflux product”. Whenever someone types in this search term and clicks on your ad, you might pay something in the neighborhood of 5-25 cents.

With the right experiments, tracking, tweaking and conversion rate testing, pay-per-click campaigns can produce a steady surge of sales that runs on autopilot.

While, you don’t need a website to use Pay Per Click (You can simply place ads and send customers directly to my sales letter using your affiliate link), a much wiser and more profitable choice would be to send your visitors to a page (also called a landing page) where you presell the program using a review, testimonial, mini-sales letter or even better by offering a 5 day email mini course. This way you’re not only increasing your chances of making sales, you’re also building your list.

Here are the top pay-per-click search engines around:

1) Google Adwords -
2) Yahoo (formerly overture) -
3) Miva –

Other players:

1) Search 123 -
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Important note: another reason why you should not link directly to my website but rather send your visitors to your own landing page is that Google Adwords recently implemented a new rule that only one ad is allowed to show per search term for each specific website.

For example, if two affiliates are bidding on the term “natural candida cure”, only one ad (that links directly to my website) will show up each time a web surfer types in that term.

In order to get around this, create your own custom landing page that presells the program and links to my website. This will ensure that your ads will show up every time someone searches for your keywords, rather than having to wait in line against other affiliates who are searching for the same terms.

Instead of...

Your Google Ad -> Our Website

Set it up like this...

Your Google Ad -> Your Website -> Our Website

Bear in mind, though, that Google ad words can be tricky and there can be a costly learning curve if you don't get educated about the system. There is more to it than just copying and pasting an ad. So if you’re serious about making profits from ppc campaigns, make sure you go through Google’s “Adwords Learning Center” first. This learning center will teach you the basics:

Additionally, if you're serious about launching a pay-per-click campaign, I would highly suggest checking either Adwords Miracle (a fantastic highly original step-by-step guide) or Google Cash (A classic Google Adwords method that still works. Now in its third updated version).

Note: Prior to reading these two books, I didn’t make any real money with Google adwords. Since I learned the secrets of how the Google Ad Words system works, I have driven thousands of clicks to the websites of other affiliate products I promote, with return on investment (ROI) of more than 500% on some of my campaigns.

You are welcome to use some of our proven highly converting pay per click ads below.

You should also contact me if you have any questions or concerns and if you want me to place your conversion tracking codes on my order confirmation page so that you can track your sales in detail to maximize your profits.

Linda Allen,
Author and affiliate manager
Yeast Infection No More

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Men with Yeast Infections
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Candida caused by Antibotitics
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Yeast Treatment:
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Candida Treatment:
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Candida Albicans:
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Cure Yeast:
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darkling thrush
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Fluconazole Clotrimazole Thrush Treatment
Fluconazole Dosing For Thrush
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Remedies Yeast:
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Home Remedies for Yeast Infection
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Male Yeast:
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candida dieet
candida albicans infection
candida species
candida albicans diagnosis
foods that contain candida
book notes 2b candida
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natural candida cleanse
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kill candida yeast
candida diagnosis
nizoral candida
candida pictures
candida diet food
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coconut oil and candida
candida esophagus
reverse candida
candida albicans yeast
lifeforce candida cleanse
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candida colloidal silver
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candida saliva test
candida clinic
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picture of candida milleri
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beer and candida infections
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candida program booklet
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molkosan used against candida
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que es la candida
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candida skin
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rid rubber candida
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testing for candida
natural candida cleansing
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acute candida
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black candida
reversing hair loss candida
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ph candida albicans
candida and dysbiosis information
curing candida with herbs
que es candida spp
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ic and candida
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candida yeast research

symptoms of candida yeast
Yeast Infections, Signs, Symptoms

BCP vaginal infection
cartoon vaginal infection
crush estradiol vaginal infection
gardenella bacteria vaginal infection
search for vaginal infections
treating yeast vaginal infections in kids
Vaginal Candidiasis Fluconazole
vaginal infection and specks in underwear
vaginal infections
vaginal infections'
Vaginal Infections Yeast Infection Symptoms
women vaginal infection

Yeast Infection:
A Yeast Infection Looks like
acidophilus and antibiotics and yeast infections
angelica archangelica candida yeast infection
antibiotics and yeast infections
baby yeast infection
Canine Ear Yeast Infections
canine yeast infections
caring for toddlers with yeast infections
chronic yeast infection
chronic yeast infection support
chronic yeast infection support group
colloidal silver for fungal or yeast infections
constant yeast infections
Contagious Yeast Infections
cures for yeast infections
curing chronic yeast infections
Diabetes and yeast infections
diaphragm and yeast infections
dog skin yeast infections
dog yeast infection
female yeast infection
female yeast infections
frequent yeast infections
fungus vs yeast infection
gastrointestinal yeast infection
getting rid of a yeast infection
Guys Have Yeast Infections
herpes and yeast infections
Hiv Aids Chronic Yeast Infection Hiv
home remedoes for yeast infections
how can i avoid getting a yeast infection
How to control yeast infections
how to get rid of a yeast infection
How to prevent yeast infections
infant yeast infection photo
intestinal yeast infections
ky yeast infections
lifeforce candida yeast infection
menopausal chronic yeast infections
mouth yeast infection
mulitple yeast infections
oral yeast infection symptoms
penile yeast infection
penile yeast infections
pregnancy and yeast infections
pregnancy yeast infection
prevent yeast infections
preventing yeast infection symptoms
preventing yeast infections
probiotics and yeast infections
Prostate Gland Yeast Infections
rectal yeast infection
reoccurring yeast infections
reocurring yeast infections
Rid Yeast Infections
scalp yeast infection
Signs And Symptoms of a Yeast Infection
signs of yeast infection
symptoms of full body yeast infections
systemic yeast infection
systemic yeast infections
the best otc vaginal yeast infections
throat yeast infection
tobacco yeast infections
toddler yeast infection
topical yeast infections
treat vaginal yeast infection
treat yeast infections
treating yeast infection
treating yeast infection naturally
Treating Yeast Infections
treatments for yeast infections
vinegar yeast infections
Vitamin B Complex Cures Yeast Infections
what is a yeast infection
whipped cream and yeast infections
yeast infection
yeast infection and pregnancy
yeast infection dog
yeast infection in women
yeast infection iron
yeast infection medicine
yeast infection no more
Yeast Infection of Mouth
yeast infection of the breast
yeast infection of the mouth
yeast infection on skin
yeast infection pill
yeast infection pregnancy
yeast infection prevention
yeast infection prevention douche
Yeast Infection Signs
yeast infection terconazole
Yeast Infection Treatments and Prevention
yeast infections

Natural Yeast:
Cure Home Infection Remedy Yeast
Free Home Remedy For Yeast Infection
home remedy for vaginal yeast infections
home remedy for yeast infection
Home Remedy To Cure Yeast Infection
home remedy yeast infection
Remedy for a Yeast Infection
vaginal yeast infections home remedy
yeast infection home remedy
yeast infection remedy
Yeast Infections Home Remedy Relief
Natural Cure for Yeast Infection
natural cure for yeast infections
natural cure yeast infection
Natural Cure Yeast Infections
natural cures for yeast infection
natural cures for yeast infections
Natural Home Remedies for Yeast Infections
natural remedies for yeast infection
natural remedies for yeast infections
natural remedies for yeast infections cats
natural remedy for vaginal yeast infection
natural remedy for yeast infection
natural remedy yeast infection
Natural Treatment for Vaginal Yeast Infection
natural treatments for vaginal yeast infections
natural treatments for yeast infections in children
natural yeast infection cure
Natural Yeast Infection Cures
natural yeast infection treatments
safe and natural cure for intestinal yeast
yeast infection natural cure
yeast infection natural cures
Yeast Infection Natural Remedy
yeast infection natural treatment

Natural Candida:
candida albicans natural treatment
CANDIDA natural cure
candida natural cures
Natural Candida Cure
natural cure for candida

Balanitis Causes
balanitis why does it happen
what can be done for toddler balanitis
Zoons balanitis

Acetic Acid:
acetic acid yeast infections
acetic acid yeast infections treat

Boric Acid:
boric acid and yeast infections
Boric Acid Compounds Used For Yeast Infections
boric acid for yeast infections
Boric Acid Kills Yeast Infections
boric acid treatment for yeast infections
boric acid yeast infections
Yeast Infection Remedies Boric Acid

After Sex Yeast Infections
drugs that could cause painful sex
sex and yeast infections
Yeast Infection Sex
Can Yeast Infections Be Sexually Transmitted

female yeast infection pictures
intertrigo rash pictures
Pictures of female Yeast Infection
pictures of yeast infection
pictures of yeast infections
yeast infection pictures
yeast infections pictures
male yeast infection pics
male yeast infection pictures
male yeast infection pictures of

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